April at Jubilee Lake

Around the Park

With such beautiful balmy sunny weather the park has been booked out, especially over Easter. Children had such fun hunting for eggs in a great environment. Fortunately that lovely weather looks like continuing for a while yet so head on up to Jubilee Lake and enjoy life in a bush setting while you can.

Building has started on our new camp kitchen but we are still waiting on the council planning application to be passed before we can continue. It was sad that the new kitchen was not up and running for the Easter break, but with a little bit of luck we hope it will be up and running for the warmer weather later this year.

The park and Daylesford in general are starting to glow with lovely warm autumn colours. The elms by the lake are looking beautiful wearing crowns of gold. It is such a delight to walk beneath the trees and scuff the masses of fallen leaves with your feet and hear their rustle. Memories of childhood come flooding back when you walk to the Matilda mineral spring at the end of our park.

Work will continue around the park as the weather cools. The council is planning to remove some troublesome trees and lower the level of the lake to repair some washed out foundations to ensure the park is totally safe for everyone and it is restored to its natural beauty as soon as possible.

Out and About in Daylesford

“Only a Jockey” – 100 trees, 1000 metres of fabric – A free event. March 24 – April 15. The old Trentham Racecourse, Golden Point road Trentham.   Only a jockey, a new installation project designed by Trentham resident and artist, Bern Barry. This free installation entails wrapping 100 trees in 1,000 metres of brightly coloured fabrics representing jockey silks.

“Paint Glenlyon” 2018   – Free event   March 31 – April 8th  Glenlyon Shire Hall, Malmsbury – Daylesford Road, Glenlyon. The exhibition runs from Saturday 31st until Sunday 8th of April from 10.00am to 4.00pm

Harvest Festival   April 7th @ 11.00am – 3.00pm    Lyonville Community Hall, Bremner Avenue, Lyonville.  The keen gardeners of Lyonville are at it again, producing the annual Lyonville harvest Festival which celebrates the gardens, produce and hard working gardeners of the local towns and hamlets of the Central highlands with delicious produce, flowers and preserves. There will be some great prizes and anyone from the region is welcome to bring alond their Autumn Harvest.

Woolshed – Farmers and Local Artisans Market – Daylesford  Every Sunday, 21a Raglan St, Daylesford.

African Drumming – Daylesford Library   April 10 @ 2.00pm – 3.00pm. The Daylesford library, cnr Albert and Bridport Streets, Daylesford. West African Master Percussionist Ousmane Sonko will lead a master class for school aged children – places strictly limited please book.

A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon at Newlyn  April 15th  St Matthews Church, Newlyn. Four Seasons of Fine Music Festival – 2018 – Concert for Bassoon, oboe and Harpsicord with members of sweet biscuit Ensemble. Starts at 3.00pm.

Daylesford Macedon Ranges Open Studios – 2018  April 21 @ 10.00am – May 6th @ 5.00pm The Convent Gallery and Artist Studios, 7 Daly St, Daylesford.  We recommend that you begin your Open studios experience with a visit to the Group Exhibition in the convent Gallery. This exhibition showcases a work of each of the participating artists in a restored heritage building. Artwork will be available for purchase. $5.00 entry to The Convent. There are 25 artists working in 23 studios.

For those who love to Craft

For Knitting and Crochet lovers beautiful pure wools and other yarns are available in Bendigo at the Woollen Mills. Just simply a wonderland of colours and squishy heaven.

In Tylden at the Junction Hotel you can while away a relaxing few hours with your knitting or other fibre crafts sitting in the cafe sipping coffee, having a light meal and chatting with friends and strangers alike. They also have Pick up Stitches yarn shop under the one roof.

In Maldon at 32 Main Street Maldon there is a gorgeous little wool shop called The Wool Stash. well worth a visit as they stock locally spun and dyed wools and the town is just a beautiful place to visit.

Patchwork fabric galore can be found at the Mill Rose Cottage, 92 Inglis St, Ballan. This place is so big that it will take you quite a while to wander around, so leave your spouse / partner at the cafe next door while you brouse.

For the Children

Fairy Park – heaven for children of Primary School age and younger. www.fairypark.com.au  Just down the Ballan Road at Anakie. School Holiday delight.

Autumn Recipe

This recipe is very simple and suitable for both Diabetics 1 and 2, plus other people.

 Perfectly Poached Ginger Pears

8 green pears

2cm piece green ginger,

1 cinnamon quill optional

4 Tbls Sugar,    or for Diabetics 4 Tbls Xylitol or Erythritol,

a largish saucepan with a good fitting lid


Peel the 8 pears and cut in half lengthwise. Remove the core with a teaspoon or knife.

Spoon the pear halves around the inner edge of the saucepan then just cover with cold water.

Wash the piece of green ginger and slice thinly with a knife. Add the pieces of ginger to the water along with the sugar or Xylitol or Erythritol and or the cinnamon quill.

Place saucepan on the stove with a good fitting lid on the pot. Bring to the boil. As soon as it boils, turn off the heat but do not lift the lid of the saucepan. Just leave it alone to sit all night. In the morning you will have perfectly poached ginger flavoured pears in a light syrup. Place the saucepan contents into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge to chill. Serve by themselves or with whipped cream and or ice cream. Diabetics must use sugar free ice cream and cream.


(Home Economist and Jubilee Lake Board Member)

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